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Our vision

Popularize and develop golf in Latvia. Build a world class practice facility and provide highest level instruction, using all the latest methods.


Your progress, our satisfaction!

Our goal

Help youngsters secure spots in highly ranked university golf teams, long term goal is to bring one boy and one girl on major tours.


Teach golfers using a holistic approach to reach maximum result out of their game. That's the main objective of DGSA coaching staff. From tee to hole, our students will learn simple, easy to understand way to execute each shot. We believe there is no one way to play golf. There is one correct way for each individual and we will observe each golfer's stability and mobility in their body to develop the best stroke pattern for them.


Davis Puksts is the founder of the Davis Golf Style academy, TPI (Titleist Performance Institute), K-VEST and JFGA (Jason Floyd Golf Academy) certified instructor. 


We constantly strive to improve our services and seek excellence.






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