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DGSA director of instruction / owner


Golf is a great game, but it can also be very hard to master. "Davis Golf Style Academy" works with multi-functional approach to player development, which will make your game more enjoyable, give you more positive emotions and better results. Our biggest priority is the customer, and we provide the highest level of training in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The only thing we ask from you is a good mood and a bit of patience. You will enjoy the balls flying straighter and rolling into holes more accurately. 



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Technical/player development expert


Matthew is a golf professional for 18 years and during this period has gained tremendous experience.  He has lived and worked in China, South Korea, United States and has been side by side with world famous instructor David Leadbetter until he found his base in Wroclaw, Poland. At Toya Golf and Country club Matthew established Matthew Tipper Golf Academy. "Golf is not only my job, it' s my lifestyle and I absolutely love what I do."




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Golf is not just a game, it's a lifestyle. It's exciting and relaxing at the same time. One of the biggest advantages to this sport is the oppurtunity to restore your strenghts and relax in a fresh and pleasent environment after a busy day at the office. The nature and views on the golf courses are spectacular. Competitions and lessons from professional coaches can grow that competitive spirit inside of You. A succesful drive will always improve Your mood. 


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Strenght & Conditioning coach


Golf is a part of my life since early years, when my dad started taking me to training, now it's a part of my life. Game of golf is advancing just like anything else, equipment, practice procedures, role of fitness etc... It's happening in Latvia as well and that is very positive. This development is making golf more and more athletic. Fitness is the field that i am very interested in and where i want to make a difference.



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