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DGSA long term development program




"We are not an academy which is focused on results, we are academy, that values process and development where results come naturally. That ' s a big difference." - Dāvis Puksts


One of the biggest "Davis Golf Style Academy's" priorities are young people, so we have created a great system to encourage domestic competition and higher results. Our "colours" represent children that are 5-21 years old. “Davis Golf Style Academy" is working with a professional approach and rather high goals. Academy students regularly get the best results in Latvian competitions and the most powerful of them represent Latvia in competitions abroad. Through serious work and progressive success, we want every young person "achieve" their biggest dreams in golf.


In the upcoming season we plan to improve our instruction - we will continue to follow TPI(Titleist Performance Institute)methods and principles. We plan to add physical training and regular skill tests for our juniors. A new oppurtunity will be "A full day with a coach" for our younger and older junior players. Of course, academy will continue its junior tour and other successful projects.




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