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Private lesson

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If you want to spend an hour in a beautiful place in a wonderful atmosphere and learn the basics of golf, as well as to get important guidance for the upcoming match or simply want to develop your golf skills – a private lesson is meant for you!












On course lesson

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Do you feel confident of yourself on the driving range, you play great, but it all inexplicably disappears on the golf course? Do you tend to apply an inappropriate game strategy? We will help you find the missing elements so that the game on the golf course will make you happy!










Green card course


Green card course ( 5x 50min. + test)

In golf you need to undergo a training course to be able to start playing on the golf course, and after successfully finishing it, you will receive a GREEN CARD. This card certifies you for life to play on the majority of the golf courses around the world.


One of our three coaches will teach you excellent basic skills for further take-off in golf. Our coaches speak four languages ​​and are excellent professionals, so you'll be in safe hands.


1. lesson (50 min.)


Discovering of the basic golf elements, introduction to Viesturi golf club house

Learning technical basis for full swing

2. lesson (50 min.)


Strengthening full-swing basis, learning technical basis for short game

3. lesson (50 min.)

Strengthening short game basis and learning of putting practice.

* It takes place near the club house

4. lesson (50 min.)

Full-swing shots on real grass


5. lesson (50 min.)

Theory day, getting acquainted with the rules of golf and the etiquette

* Lesson are held with a cup of coffee in the club house restaurant

6. lesson - Test (90 min.)

A game on the golf course in a great and relaxed atmosphere




*It is ESSENTIAL to go practice between lessons in order to strengthen the new acquired skills.

** In the lessons with coach the equipment and balls are included!

*** Latvian Golf Federation HCP card is not included in the price, it should be registered at the clubhouse reception. Fee for the HCP card - 30 Euro, which is given to the Latvian Golf Federation.




BONUS: One FREE GREEN FEE ( 18 holes ) + equipment for FREE!!

BONUS: The driving range balls and rent of golf clubs without a coach will have a 50% DISCOUNT during the Green card course!!!







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